Big Talbot Island- A dream session

Moving to Jacksonville for my fiancees last clinical has given me a sense of joy like none other. Living in Ohio my whole life, I have family there and thats where my roots are. However, being in my dream state has given me a new sense of purpose that I certainly did not expect.

Growing a business is hard work. It doesn't happen overnight and the days are long. However, when you get to meet new people like the ones I have encountered it makes everything worth it.

I was nervous taking the leap. No other jobs, just me and my photography. BUT WHEN I TELL YOU THAT I AM ACHIEVING MORE THAN I EVER THOUGHT IMAGINABLE... Take it with a grain of salt. I am ready to dive all in, to explore, to learn and to refresh. This is exactly what my soul needed. I feel alive again and I am ready to serve my couples with every ounce of my being.

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